​Tote Bags

The tote bag will never go out of style. It’s a classic bag that is compact yet so functional. They are perfect for carrying groceries, snacks and drinks, blankets, toys for the kids, papers and homework, work files and binders, and the list goes on and on. State Line Bag Co. is excited to offer standard size cotton, muslin tote bags in bulk at an affordable price. Up until now, tote bags were a custom order item. Even though the process was easy, there was no simple “click to order online” when it came to tote bags. But you asked for them and now they are available.

Convention Tote BagsState Line Bag Co. tote bag

Tote bags are a must have when your company is attending a convention. Adorned with your logo, clients will use your bag to carry home samples and information. They will walk around the trade show floor showing off your logo to all in attendance. Other attendees may even ask them where you got that tote bag, which will drive traffic to your booth. A stress ball or a pen may be a cute giveaway, but your tote bag will be sought after and useful to customers after the convention is over. Your tote bag will be an item they can actually use in the future.

Ordering Tote Bags Made Easy

Simply visit State Line Bag Co. online to order standard size tote bags. These bags are made from quality cotton muslin, just like the premium drawstring bags. They feature durable handles made from the same fabric, stitched securely in place. The stitching matches the nature cotton color of the bags. They are 15”x17” and are available in minimum qualities of 100. Simply call (310) 415-7374to inquire about quality custom printing on your tote bags. The process is simple and quick. Everyone needs a good tote bag in their life why not let it be one from your company?