What is a Muslin Bag?

Many customers ask us why our bags are called “muslin” bags. What is muslin? By definition, muslin is a loosely woven cotton fabric that originated on the other side of the world hundreds of years ago. It was used for clothing amongst other things, and today is popular with dress makers to make “mock ups” before cutting up a very expensive fabric to make a custom dress.  Muslin bags are available for custom cotton bag printing as well.

When people today refer to muslin bags (also called muslin cotton bags), cotton muslin drawstring bags, and sometimes simply cotton drawstring bags), it has come to include a variety of small cotton drawstring bags. We got into the muslin bag business in 2011, with our original offering being our Economy Muslin Bags. These are very traditional cotton muslin drawstring bags, being 100% cotton with an airy, open weave (fabric weight is 80 grams per square meter), and natural in color. These wholesale canvas tote bags are primarily used as industrial parts bags, as food processing and storage bags, and for field samples in the soil testing industry.

Many customers looking to use our bags for event favor bags, product packaging, and crafts asked us if we offered these bags with a matching drawstring and stitching (rather than the traditional colored drawstring and stitching). So in 2012, we launched our Premium line of Muslin Bags. These are a heavier bag, utilizing 130 grams per square meter fabric, and have a matching drawstring and stitching.

Right now, we offer our Economy Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bags in two different sizes, 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″. Our Premium Muslin Bags are currently available in twelve (12) sizes, however our size offerings will be expanded to sixteen (16) in early 2013. This will include ten (10) sizes that utilize a single drawstring, and sixteen (16) sizes that will have a double drawstring. Sizes will range from as small as 2″ x 3″ to as large as 16″ x 20″.

Customers use our muslin bags for so many different things, that it is very hard to list any specific industries, but examples of uses include:

We have an array of premium muslin cotton bags as well to choose from, outlined below:

Because we have a unique method of manufacturing, we can offer our Premium Muslin Bags for a lower cost than most of our competitors can offer a very “basic” muslin bag.  

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