​Tote Bags – A Marketing Hero

When companies are looking for marketing tools, a lot of options are available. There are print ads, social media campaigns, website ads, promotional products and much more. Companies must choose wisely to get the best bang for their advertising dollars. Creating a custom printed tote bag can be a hero of a marketing tool that will reap benefits over and over again.

Tote Bags for Conventions

When clients attend a convention, they often come with the intent to learn about new products and services in their industry. Companies in attendance have an audience that is specific to their business and interested in learning more. It’s a great marketing opportunity.

State Line Bag Co Tote Bags

These clients come to convention trades shows and are immediately presented with a large room filled with vendors. How do you capture their attention? How do you keep their attention? Of course, your booth plays a part and your employees working it, but what about the giveaways? Pulling in customers with a thoughtful giveaway they can take home with them is a major advertising boost.

Traveling around the booths, customers pick up literature, coupons, and giveaways. They can only carry so much. When they reach your booth and receive a unique and durable tote bag adorned with your company logo, they will quickly snatch one up to carry all their goodies. Pre-packed with your literature and/or samples, your information is sure to go home with them. On top of that, they are now a walking advertisement for your business. As they travel through the trade show, your tote bag is being exposed to more and more potential customers.

Custom Printing & Quality

Making sure your tote bag is unique is a great way to get potential customers to flock to your booth. Working with State Line Bag Co. couldn’t be easier. They have the experience and knowledge to create the tote bag you are looking for. Not sure what you want? Not feeling creative? You can rely on State Line Bag Co.’s customer service agents’ expertise to suggest and create a bag that will be eye catching while reflecting your company image and values. They can create the look you want with different materials, fabrics, and colors. They can use your company logo to custom print on your bag. They can add artwork or specific event information all while working within your budget. And of course, they will use the best quality materials to create a high-quality bag. Creating a quality image with a strong and durable tote bag will reflect on the quality of your business.

State Line Bag Co. is your Tote Bag Partner

Partner with State Line Bag Co. today to grow your business and customer base with tote bags. You will be proud of the quality and glad to offer them as a representation of your company. Tote bags can be used all year round for business events, promotional giveaways and more. A tote bag representative is ready to help you every step of the way from beginning concept, offering budget-minded tips and finalizing artwork. The process couldn’t be easier. Call (816) 832-2382 to get started on your next marketing promotion. You’ll find a tote bag from State Line Bag Co. to be a marketing hero in your advertising toolbox.