​Cotton Backpacks for Your Next Event

Backpacks will never go out of style. They are perfect for many occasions. Cotton drawstring or sling backpacks can be an affordable option when looking for a bag attendees can use at your next event. State Line Bag Co. has the cotton backpacks you need at wholesale bulk prices. Their bags are durable, made from high-quality, thick cotton and strong matching rope for the drawstrings. These aren’t chintzy bags that will just get thrown away.

Fundraiser Backpacks

Are you coordinating a fundraiser, corporate event, run/walk, convention or other business function? Providing you attendees, clients or coworkers with a cotton backpack to carry their items is a great giveaway. People will fill them and wear them on their backs, freeing up their hands for the next activity. They provide full functionality and storage without bulk. They rest comfortably on the back, evenly distributing the weight of the contents. People will clamor to get one.

Add a Logo to your Backpack

When planning an event and a giveaway bag, adding your logo will really give you bang for your buck. Imagine a run/walk with thousands of people walking through the streets with your logo on their back. Picture customers walking through a trade show convention showing off your logo wherever they go. The more exposure your logo and brand receive, the better.

State Line Bag Co. Backpacks

The great news is that you can order your backpacks through State Line Bag Co. and also have your logo, slogan or event printed on them. They are a one stop shop for complete bag ordering. There are minimums for printing and prices will vary based on quantity ordered and the number of colors in the printing process. Call (310) 595-6980 to discuss your backpack needs today. You’ll be so happy with the final product.