Drawstring Bags Wholesale / Cotton Drawstring Backpacks Bulk

Bulk Cotton Drawstring Bags & Backpacks Wholesale


Are you in search of wholesale drawstring bags for your business, non profit or even personal use?  If so, you have come to the right place!  With over 1 million bags in stock, State Line Bag Company is an excellent and affordable choice for cotton bulk drawstring bags.  Our cotton drawstring bags are made of the highest quality materials, and we are confident you will be happy with your selection and purchase!  Customer satisfaction of our drawstring bag wholesale products is our main goal!

Drawstring Bags Bulk

Our Cotton Drawstring Bags are extremely high quality.  They come in one size, which is 14" by 16".  These are priced at an extremely reasonable wholesale cost, especially when you consider the quality of our drawstring bags.  You can tell from the pictures of our bulk drawstring bags that this is not a cheap chinese bag just sold to simply move massive amounts of low quality items.  We focus on customer satisfaction and quality with the products that we offer, and our drawstring backpages are extremely high quality and will live a long life with the end owner of the bag.

Premium Cotton Drawstring Backpacks (Bags) Without A premium Price

The incredible thing about purchasing your drawstring bags wholesale thru State Line Bag company is that you don't have to pay a massive premium price to obtain quality.  This was accomplished because we purchase in such high volume (over a million bags in stock) that we are able to reduce the cost and pass that on to our customers!  Obtain your bulk drawstring bags from State Line Bag Company today.  Orders placed before 1pm Central Time are able to ship out same day as well. 

Custom Drawstring Bags & Custom Drawstring Backpacks

Are you in need of custom wholesale drawstring bags with a world leading bag provider?  We have huge inventory and keep costs down because we are a small team of experienced experts in this industry.  Obtain personalized service from one of our custom drawstring bag experts if you need your printed or logo (personalized) custom drawstring backpacks.  We are able to offer a quick quote easily, just give us a call today at (310) 415-7374.

Wholesale Drawstring  Bag Providers

Whether you are operating a retail business, or are wanting custom bags for an event or non profit; State Line Bag Company is here to help with all your bulk drawstring bag needs.  Our Drawstring backpacks are environmentally friendly and made from renewable cotton.  Whether you are looking for 100 bags, or 10,000 bags - our team of extremely friendly and helpful customer service associates are happy to meet your direct needs quickly and easily.  Let us do the hard work if you need personalized bags, just call one of our associates today!

You can also print your own wholesale drawstring bags if you want to simply order the blank backpacks.