Who’s done with their shopping list? If you are lucky, by now you are done. But, yikes, there’s a pile of presents waiting to be wrapped. What a huge chore. All that paper and tape are so wasteful. Not fun!

Here’s an idea. Instead of paper, what about – (insert drumroll) – cotton drawstring bags?!!
Easy peasy. No muss no fuss. Just plunk the gift into the ecologically correct muslin bag and you are ready to go. Talk about being green – definitely reusable.

And if you are feeling especially cheery – how fun to write your thoughts and designs directly onto the bag. Ambitious folks use paint and markers and doodads but who has the time?! For us procrastinators, Sharpies absolutely work great! Still too daunting? Hey, turn the drawstring bags into mementos by having the kids draw their own holiday creations such as this example?

Okay, I’m convinced. How about you?

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